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ARACNE is an association of social promotion founded in Naples in 2005 by a group of women after an experience of collaboration, still in progress, with the Department of Philosophy “A. Aliotta” of the University of Naples “Federico II”.

ARACNE is an open and collaborative network of project designers, researchers, interactive and multimedia communication experts, trainers and social workers.

It aims at promoting active citizenship, rights and people empowerment  through a shared construction of knowledge, lifelong learning, communication and ICT.

ARACNE’s team is composed by:

Roberta Moscarelli – Project manager, trainer and career guidance counselor, independent researcher. Master degree in Arts and Humanities, postgraduate in the field of the design and management of innovative services and projects through ICT, since 2004 she deals with communication and content management and coordinates working teams in web-based environments. She works in the fields of Education and of Social policies since 1999 and, since 2005, is a trainer of teachers and trainers and a guidance counselor for women and young. Researcher and consultant in the field of regional policies on education and training, social services, equal opportunities, immigration , mental health and prison. She has developed and managed several projects financed by EU in the field of Lifelong Learning, social inclusion and intercultural issues. She has worked at the “Projects and Financing Office” – University of Naples “L’Orientale”, supporting the participation of the University in FP7, LLP, EuropeAid Development and Cooperation, Tempus IV, Erasmus Mundus. Member of the Italian Evaluation Association. Chairwoman of ARACNE.

Emilia Barone – Project manager, researcher and evaluator. She has been working in the field of Education since 1997. She holds a Master’s degree in Training and Labour Policies and has been working on projects for the innovation of training through the use of ICT. She has been developing projects financed by the EU on: Banking and Financial sector for the levelling of pre-existing certifications in agreement with the EQF; SMEs: creation of a virtual communities for the exchange of the good practices; Public Health field: development of Virtual communities and methodology for the integration of innovative learning into training paths. She participated to the CEDEFOP study on Accreditation systems in Europe: case study on the Lombardy Region Accreditation and Rating System. She loves the sea.

Enza Sommella – Information Manager, she combines the skills of an archivist, webmaster and technical retriever with the love for research and teaching in art history field. Since 1996 she has been specialising in recovery, management, conservation and provision of information – ranging from manuscripts to ebooks, she holds a master’s degree as an expert in the design, management, evaluation and organisation of library and innovative publishing services. He works as a webmaster, administrator of e-learning platforms, information manager, for libraries, publishers, SMEs and associations. Art History teacher since 2001, she acts as an expert in schools by developing innovative educational courses in the field of cultural heritage. She collaborates on projects in the areas of Lifelong Learning, e-learning and  art and music culture. It is easy to meet her in exhibits and concerts, accompanied by her camera.

Maria Fernanda Spina – Epistemologist,  philosophical counselor and educator, she is an expert in knowledge management processes, project management, action research, strategic communication, elearning, production methods and tools for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of learning processes and their impact in the medium and long-term, evaluation as a tool to improve skills and collaborative processes in NGOs, SMEs, public institutions teams, and gender studies. Since 2002 she has been the creator, designer and project manager of several projects funded by the EU in the field of lifelong learning and social inclusion.

Mariella Toledo – Consultant and trainer in marketing strategies for territorial development in the tourism sector since 1996, carries out technical assistance to access government incentives for self-employment and supports the start-up of small and medium-sized enterprises. Involved in career guidance and training for adults for the strengthening of core competencies, in particular technical information, to promote the reintegration into the labor market. She works as  developer of projects aimed at promoting active citizenship on behalf of local governments. Consultant for the design and administrative and financial management of activities and projects of the Structural Funds. Passionate about literature and politics, she loves to read and write.

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